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Minibytes – Everything

There’s not a lot to Everything, the sandbox game created by David O’Reilly and published by Double Fine Presents, whose description boasts that it “will give you a new perspective on life.”. There’s not much to discuss in terms of the gameplay mechanics, which consist of exploring various macro and microcosms of the universe while inhabiting animals, plants, atoms, shapes, buildings, continents, galaxies and, well, see the title. Each of these can move, make sounds, gather or release more of themselves nearby, and dance. You can find snippets of text uttered by other elements in the landscape, and there are audio recordings by the late philosopher Alan Watts. There’s not much more to it than that. The visuals aren’t breathtaking but are very much suited to the game’s purpose, the score is excellent, and the grainy, lo-fi sound of Alan Watts’ voice smoothly eases you through the entire experience.

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