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Couples Co-Op

Let’s preface this by pointing out that these games are perfect for any group of friends or loved ones to play together, at any time of year, and are perfectly enjoyable regardless of romantic holidays or opinions thereof!


There’s a thin line that needs to be walked when playing games with friends or significant others. It’s the line between good-natured fun and bitter competition. It’s the line between a fun evening spent gaming with friends versus having to stop and watch TV or do something else that’s less contentious. It’s the line between Mario Kart and Mario Party. Below are compiled some games to be played with those you hold dear, games which make allowances for differences in skill level and don’t leave anyone feeling like dead weight.

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Really Gosh Darn Chill Games

The world is pretty nuts right now, huh? Nations are in turmoil, people’s civil liberties are being threatened, and chances are you’ve got a deadline, or an exam, or a really nasty spot or something. It’s pretty tough staying on top of all the different ways in which things are going down the drain, but everybody has to take a break from that sometime. And you know what’s a good way to relax when everything is going to hell around you? Games. It’s games. So strap in, but also calm down, because there are games and it’s all going to be okay.


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Video Games – Hobby to Lifestyle

Wherein we discuss video-games and the validity of the amount of time I spend on them.

As a child I spent a fairly hefty portion of my time playing video-games. I owned a NES, which unfortunately crapped out on me before I’d amassed more than two or three games. After its passing I was handed down a SNES from an uncle. While this was undoubtedly owing to the inexorable march of technology and he was moving on to pastures new, it was a gift that would mark a major turning point in my young life. Again games were few and far between, but the ones that I did have were impeccably maintained and kept with the same reverence as a holy text. To the point that they’re still with me today, in fact.

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