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The Best Pets in Gaming

Pets are essential in life. It’s all well and good being a badass superhero and saving the world twice a week, but going home to your fluffiest pal is what makes it all worthwhile. Sometimes these pets even come in pretty handy when saving the world, so, bonus! Below, and in no particular order, are a list of some of the best boys and girls in gaming.

Poochy – Yoshi’s Island

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Illness and Injury in Videogames

Video games have a tense relationship with human biology. One that revolves around mostly ignoring how they work when knives or arrows or lead are introduced to them. This is necessary to keep gameplay fluid, as the months or years necessary to rehabilitate from a single bullet wound generally don’t fit the narrative of going on to diligently murder every living soul between the player and revenge/treasure/freedom. It’s a relationship that only becomes more strained if you extend it to include the many, many illnesses that can befall our fragile anatomy.

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