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Pricepointers – Bringing Deformers back from the Brink

I had really been looking forward to playing Deformers, the multiplayer arena combat game from developer Ready at Dawn (The Order: 1886). After following it’s development for nearly a year, I was pretty excited by the time the open beta rolled around. Unfortunately, it didn’t work on my machine at all. Still, it’s tricky accounting for every combination of components in a PC, and I had no doubt that it would be fixed by the games’ release date three weeks later. During that time there was a major mix-up, where Gamestop accidentally leaked promotional codes meant for employees to the general public. But launch came and went on April 21st regardless, with opinion of the game being positive overall.  In the days following release, however, conversation surrounding the game turned sour. Of 101 reviews (as of the time of writing) on Steam, only 31% are positive. Complaints centre around the $30/€35 price tag, the lack of an option to play against AI opponents, and the exceedingly small playerbase, an issue that’s compounded by the first two problems. SteamDB states that the most users active at one time was 83, on the day of release. In the last 24 hours there were only 3 concurrent players. These complaints have been echoed by console players, many of whom have voiced the issue on the games’ subreddit.

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By A Different Token

If you’re a gamer living in Ireland then chances are you more than likely already know about The R.A.G.E. Operating out of Fade Street in Dublin. They’ve been purveyors of quality vinyls and retro games since 2010, and announced in March that they would be opening a bar/restaurant/arcade called Token in May. While this is great news in itself, it’s also a first for Ireland, so I dropped them a line to see if I could get a few words to mark the occasion. As it turned out they were happy to oblige! The results are below.

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Owlboy – Better Late

This is just a piece I wrote when applying for a news reporter role on a geek culture website, archived here for posterity.

Indie Platformer Owlboy (due 01/11/16) has been a long time coming. Nine years coming, in fact. Developer D-Pad Studio began work on the game in 2007 [1] and the end result seems the definition of a labour of love. You play as Otus, a young member of a dwindling race called the Owls. Half owl, half person, the Owls are touted as having produced many of the world’s great wonders. This sets the bar pretty high for Otus, who is described as “struggling to live up to the expectations of owl-hood”. Continue reading