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First Impressions: D&D Beyond

As a dungeon master it has been a personal goal of mine to forego pen and paper wherever possible. That said, there’s still a folder full of print-outs of my players’ character sheets, maps, helpful parts of the Dungeon Master’s Guide, and cheat sheets which would indicate that, in this pursuit, I have failed. Still though, whenever the opportunity arises to consolidate or digitise the information that’s out there I take it. Queue a sizeable degree of excitement when Wizards of the Coast announced early in March that they would be releasing “an official digital toolset” for use with the current edition of D&D. Today, they announced that the public beta for D&D Beyond was open.


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Women In Gaming

Happy international women’s day! To celebrate I was going to do a piece on some of gaming’s finest female leads (I still might), but then I thought that it might actually be better to highlight some women working in the field of game design and development, and to maybe pay tribute to some unsung talent out here in the real world. Shortly afterwards I realised that I wasn’t aware of any women in the industry. Could not name a single one. This made writing the article somewhat difficult.

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